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On a ships passenger list for the Ryndam, December 11, 1906, the place of
birth for a cousin is given as Horda. It is very clearly written, the
only letter in doubt would be the first letter which looks like a capital
H, but might be some combination I do not recognize. This is the birth
place of a young child, about 3 years old, who was travelling with his
mother. Both lived in the area around StaroKonstantinov, Ukraine. The
Shtetl finder did not give me any good ideas with either an H or a G as a
first letter.
I would appreciate some other ideas.
Barry Chernick
Bellevue WA
CHERNICK, CZERNIK - StaroKonstantinov, Krasilov, Volocisk
MITTLEMAN - Tchan (Tiofipol), Satanov
SCHULMAN, SHULMAN - Dolhinov, Minsk
KARP, CARPE - Bialystok, Minsk

Sherribob <sherribob@...>


Also, keep in mind that many of these shtetls had Yiddish names which were
often quite different >from the "official" name of the town. For instance,
my gf's Galician shtetl Ustrzyki Dolne was consistently called Istryker by
the Jewish residents.

Take a look at the book "Where Once We Walked". Many, but not all, of the
Yiddish town name variants are listed in that book. If it is listed it will
refer you back to the office town name.

good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish
Searching: WALTZMAN, Ustrzyki Dolne (Istryker), Galicia
RATOWSKY, Ariogala, Lith.
LEFFENFELD, Daliowa, Galica
BOJDA, Tarnobrzeg, Galicia
SAKOLSKY, Grodek, Bialystok