Getting family response #general


I've had excellent luck in getting family response.I made it very easy for
them. I worked out a detailed questionnaire, wrote a nice letter and most
important enclosed a self addressed stamped emvelope.Your investment of 33
cents will pay off as it obligates the receiver. I also have made it clear
that what I'm doing is not only for us, those living today, but for the
future generations and to keep the family history alive. I also urge
youngesters to ask questions while the older generations are still here.

Norman Tillman Albany, NY

bill farran <farran@...>

For my parent's 60th university we decided to produce a family history
book. A questionnaire was sent out. Those people who responded were
included in the book which was given out at the party. Family members
who did not respond now wanted to be included and receive a book. Now
they all responded and new pages were sent to those who had originally
responded and new books were made for the late comers.

Bill Farran