ViewMate - Thank You to 'eager readers' #general


JewishGen researchers post ViewMate requests for feedback and they wait for
the responses to arrive. Eager readers gaze at the documents and photos, all
profoundly important to fellow researchers. Perhaps they'll recognize a face
or a place, or provide a translation.

Here are excerpts >from some queries that accompanied documents, photos and
artifacts displayed on ViewMate in the past 30 days.

= I believe this is cursive Hebrew. Can anyone read it?
= looking for someone to translate this tombstone
= This Portuguese document is over 300 years old, and concerns my ancestor
= letter... signed by my grandfather... in 1940. I believe it is Arabic
= A Little help with the Hebrew please (Re: Yizkor Book)
= card to my great grandfather... a Vilna immigrant in London, >from his new
= Can anyone shed some light on these pieces of jewelry?
= help in identifying the people shown here... picture taken in Lublin
= Unknown relatives... >from my mothers album, anyone that can help...
= signature dated 1781 >from a land deed... 'Old Hebrew' handwriting...?

Here is one of the many resulting 'success' stories;-
"I had such an interesting experience using View Mate which I really love
and appreciate. ... Each [response] added more until the last when I had a
perfectly wonderful translation of the document." [PG]

We take this opportunity to thank all the 'eager readers' who have been so
quick to provide feedback that aids us to understand the past.

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ViewMate website:
Original concept: Bernard I. Kouchel
Programmer/Webmaster: Josef A. Herz

Bernard I. Kouchel