Question about jewish in Galicia (Spain) -- RODRIGUEZ #general

Pose, Javier <javier.pose@...>

I'd like to get any information about the presence of jewish in Galicia.
My surname is RODRIGUEZ and I read some information about the jewish
ascendence of this surname.
I'd like to be in touch with any person who could help me to study my past.
My family come >from Ourense in Galicia and some of our parents were to
America in the 20's, 30's and 40's (Argentina and Cuba).
Could you help me??
I would be very grateful.
Thanks for all:

Javier Pose Rodriguez.

Laurent Germanaud <malaviel@...>

You could inscribe you to the Gen-es list of discussion.The list though a
non Jewish one could bring you some informations thanks to the kind people
on it.If you want to,write to me privatly and I will explain you how to
Violette Novo Germanaud
or malaviel@...