3-digit Notations on 1920 Census #general


Michael Steinore wrote:

<< At least they didn't use a punchcard system....

But they did--starting with the 1890 Census. Hollerith developed the
original punched card with rectangular holes (I never heard the punch-outs
called "chads" until last month) to compile the 1890 census statistics,
and they were used in each following census until 1950. The 1960 census
was compiled using the Univac computer.

Donn Devine, CG, CGI
Wilmington DE

Michael Steinore <msteinor@...>

In looking at the 1920 Census images for Bayonne NJ, Hudson County
available on line at Ancestry
I see that there are hand written 3 digit numbers that appear in the
right hand margin of some lines. ...
Can anyone on the list shed any light on these numbers?
If I am correctly interpreting what you are seeing, these 3-digit
numbers were used to encode the raw census data for each person, in
order to calculate census statistics. But since the 3-digit code
is based solely on the other columns of information on the census form,
they are of no use to genealogists, even if someone could tell you
what they meant. At least they didn't use a punchcard system....

Michael Steinore
Portland, OR