Anna LEAF AIN and Bronx Nursing home #general


Rachelle wrote
"and lived in a nursing home in the Bronx in the 30s or 40s and when
she was around 95, she married for the second time. Does anyone know of
this Home? "
You might try the Hebrew Home for the Aged, Bronx N.Y. My father was
there in the late 1980's. I do not know if they go back to the 1930's but
they are a very large institution and do go back many years.
Barry Chernick
Bellevue WA



The Bronx Nursing Home you might be looking for could be the Workman's
Circle Home for the Aged. It was built around 1938 - 1940. You can
reach them through the:

Workman Circle
45 East 33 St.
N Y, N Y 10016

Telephone Number: 1-800-922-2558

Lillian Henkin Greenberg
Bethesda, Md.