LESNIK Family of Dubossary #general


I am researching the Lesnik Family of Dubasari as well as building the
Shtetl Site. In my search I have several photos of relatives that I
cannot identify. They have previously been posted to viewmate and will be
visable on the Shtetl Site within the next month or so.

I have also come across other names in the family and would like to find
anyone related to them.

Feigel Greenberg daughter was Elka Ruchel possibly Kravitsky. Anyone with
Kravitsky family >from Bessarabia. Also Hannah Kittova born in Bessarabia.

Anyone who might have information that they would want to submit to the
Dubossary Site can email me privately.

I would also like information on anybody who is familiar with a group
called Yupitz. They were a secret active youth group in the early 1900's
in Dubossary.

Thank you in advance for your help

Ellen Aven

Searching: Lesnik, Besskesky, Ratsky, Kravitsky, Kittova,Kourotchka from
Akkerman, Bessarabia
Toberoff >from Russia,
Melamet >from Romania
and Shapiro >from Antipol