Sending message to Radio Kiev(Ukraine)/travel to Vinnitsa,Ukr. and Falenica,Pol. #general

ethel <ethel@...>

Does any one know how to send a message to Radio Kiev, Ukraine. Don't know
if it still goes by that name. I'm trying to contact newcasters I met in
1985. Aso ,has anyone travelled to Falenica ,Poland 18 miles >from Warsaw?
I will visit the town in August seeking information about my relatives,
the Kittsmachers or Kitmacher who were Holocaust victims.

Then I will take a train to Vinnitsa to seek information about my family,
Kenzes and Resnick and an aunt, Goldi Kenzes, married name likely
Moskowitz, a holocaust victim, >from the Mohilev Podelsky, Zmerinka area.
Has any one made this trip? Would appreciate any tips.

I'm also researching my maternal ancesters, the Resnicks and Urkowitzes
from Braslov and Tulchin Russia. Any one out there also doing this?
Ethel Kansas Sweed