More Great News for Tarnopol Area Researchers #general

Mark Halpern <Willie46@...>

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland makes it soooo easy for researchers like
us to search for and order records of our Polish ancestors right >from the
comfort of our homes.

Yesterday, JRI-Poland announced that the ability to order records >from the
AGAD Archives has resumed. In addition, I am happy to announce that more
AGAD indices have been added to the JRI-Poland database. Right now there
are over 20,000 AGAD records which include newly added Tarnopol birth and
marriage indices and Trembowla birth indices. Here are the record types
currently included in the database.

Kozowa Births 1877-1892
Tarnopol Births 1866-1897
Tarnopol Marriages 1878-1897
Trembowla Births 1877-1891

Indexing continues to complete Tarnopol and for records of Podwoloczyska,
Skalat, and Zborow. After these are complete, the other 7 towns in the
Tarnopol Region project will have their records indexed.

Each year, the Warsaw Srodmiescie USC Archives transfers vital records
registers to AGAD. These are registers that only include vital records
that have now become more than 100 years old. This transfer occurs in
compliance with Polish privacy laws that permit public access to vital
records only after 100 years. Recently, AGAD had received many registers
that contain records mainly for 1898 and 1899. These registers will be
available for indexing about September 2001. Included in these registers
are more vital records for the following towns in the Tarnopol Area:
Brzezany, Kozlow, Mikulince, Skalat, Strusow, Tarnopol, Zbaraz.

We need more help in order to complete the Tarnopol Area project. Please
contact me if you are interested.

For more information about the AGAD Project, see our webpage at
<>. For information about the
Tarnopol Area Initiative, see our webpage at

I would like to thank Steve Zedeck, Michael Tobias, and Stanley Diamond
for their efforts in making this project a success.

I wish you all success in your searches.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Tarnopol Area Coordinator