Towie, 1st name or last? #general

judith reinsdorf <REINSDORFsearch@...>

My great uncle was known as Theodore Reinsdorf... I sent for the
naturalization papers... On the cerificate of arrival it says name of
alien....Reinsdorf, Towie.
Is Towie a first or last name? All of the other papers say Theodore
Could it be that his 1st name was Towie and he Americanized it to
Theodore? I never heard of a 1st name of Towie...there are people with
that last name........

Judith Reinsdorf
Las Vegas, Nevada


Replying to Judith,

"Theodore" is often the anglicized or americanized version of Tuviah or
Tevel (Tewel sp?). I can visualize a clerk transcribing Tuviah as
pronounced by someone with a heavy accent into "Towie," particularly if
you realize that the letter "w" in German is pronounced "v."

In your case, Judith, I would state that this is definitely a given or
first name.


in Lithuania. MOED in Suchovola, Bialystok, Odessa ROTH in West Germany

Henriette Moed Roth
Los Angeles, CA

Simon Barak

judith reinsdorf wrote:
My  great uncle....Theodore...... On the cerificate of arrival it says
name of alien....Towie. Is Towie a first or last name? I never heard of
a 1st name of Towie...
It's Tuvie or Tuvia or Tevie (Tobias), like the milkman Tuvia in Fiddler
on the Roof

Dr Shimon Barak
Tel Aviv, Israel 

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