Looking for maiden name of relative by using the Internet #general


Hi all:
I am looking for the maiden name of a relative and would like to know if
there is a way I could do it by using the Internet. I have some
options, but before I try those I would like to see if I can track her
down through the web.

She is in her late 50's, Her parents are not living, she was married
some where in NYC and is currently living in the suburbs. I was told I
could not get a copy of her marriage cert.

I called her high school, but it has been converted to charter schools
and no one had any idea if there were any alumni records. If she went
to college, I don't know which one.


Sue Smithe
Email to: Suee20@...


Hi: I wrote this post and made a mistake. It is the married name
I am looking for.

Thank You
Sue Smithe
Queens, NY