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My maternal grandmother, Miriam (Golda) NARODETSKY (nee HANDELBERG)
(b.abt.1888 possibly in Annopol, d.1962) was the daughter of Dov Baer (a
Kohane) and Bayla Handelberg.

My maternal grandfather, Zus (a/k/a Zachari, Samuel) Narodetsky (b.1869,
d.1940) was the son of Hirsch Lev Narodetsky and he was the brother of Efim
Narodetsky, a lawyer in Kiev. My grandparents and their three small
daughters lived in Rovno (Volhynia) (Russia then, now Ukraine) until they
immigrated to the U.S. in 1921. In the U.S., they lived in Camden, New

There were relatives, probably cousins, although in each case I am sure
neither of the exact relationship nor to which grandparent the relationship

There was a cousin, Rose RIBILOFF, who with her husband, Menachem Ribiloff,
came to America on the same boat with my grandparents. They had a son,
Uralah (Uri?) who was born within a few years of 1920 (+/-). Menachem and
Rose moved to New York where he worked for a Yiddish newspaper. (I am only
guessing at the spelling of Ribiloff)

Another cousin, David ATLAS, emigrated to Philadelphia where he became a
jeweler on that city's (Sansom Street's) "jeweler's row".

Another cousin was Olga GLANDELBERG. All I know of her is that in 1925 she
completed the course "English for Foreigners" in the Technical Evening
School of the Camden (NJ) public schools. I think she may later have moved
to Canada.

Other cousins had the name LOVE, they lived in Pittsburgh, and they were
supposed to have been in the furniture business (probably in the 1920's or

I will welcome any information on these family connections.

Steve Schwartz,
Dover, Delaware USA

Also searching:

HAUPTMAN, of Drohobych in Eastern Galicia, now Western Ukraine

KIMELHEIM, of Drohobych (Galicia / now Ukraine) and from
Budapest, Hungary.

FISCHER, of Budapest (or Grosbedan or Yanashee), Hungary.

SCHWARTZ, of Vienna, Austria; Nagy Totfalu, Hungary; and
Mateszalka, Hungary.


I don't know much about this family, but NARODETSKY was the maiden name of the wife of one of my relative's brothers, Mitchell Schwartz. 

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