Jewish Genealogy chatroom #general

Elise Friedman <elise@...>

Hi everyone,

I don't know if there's a chatroom sponsored by JewishGen or any other
group, but I decided to set one up. I'm thinking it could be very useful
for discussing successes/failures with the Ellis Island database in
realtime over the next few days. If it turns out that a lot of people end
up using the chatroom, maybe I'll keep it up longer.

I make no guarantees with this chatroom. I'm running it out of my
personal web account. So I'll keep it online the best I can, but if for
some reason it doesn't work when you try it, please try again a short
while later.

The address is -

Anyone is welcome to stop by. A warning ahead of time: if you see my name
in there and I don't respond, please don't be offended. I leave my
computer on all the time and will stay logged in to the chatroom while I'm
sleeping or away >from my computer doing other things.

Hope to see some of you in there. :)

Elise Friedman


There is a Jewish Genealogy chatroom on America On Line on Thursday evenings
at 7 p.m. Pacific and 10 p.m. eastern time. On AOL Keyword Roots, Golden
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