Naturalizations records in Kings County NY #general

Darlene Sacks <DCSacks@...>

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but the NARA office in NY City
supposedly has a copy of all naturalization records for the five boroughs.
I e-mailed them once about locating a record and they responded by e-mail,
too. You may want to try that. Darlene

Mindy Fuchs <mindyfuchs@...>

A few days ago I requested help on acquiring naturalization records from
Kings County NY. Thanks to those who responded. I found the Kings
County website on this and have discovered that the cost is an
astounding $40.00. Could this really be? Would it be more economical
to get them >from NARA?

I've included the url:

Mindy Fuchs

Howard Zakai

NARA in Manhattan has naturalization records for the 2 federal
district courts (Southern and Eastern) located in New York City. They do
not have the state courts' records (of each borough), which would be
located in the respective county clerk's offices instead.

Howie Zakai
Staten Island, NY

Howard Zakai

I cannot imagine it is $40. Records are usually no more than $12.
Take a look at and click on the link to the Kings County
Naturalization database. I think it is accurate. Also, if you can find
someone in the area to go on your behalf, there may be no charge as the
office may let people search for free.
Good luck

Howie Zakai
Binghamton University, NY
[also Staten Island, NY]

Bev Potter <brpotter@...>

I've some checking and have been advised to:
Just ignore the site...not true. It's still $10. The site does
not belong to the county.

Bev Potter
Boulder, Co.