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Is the name Yukele a derivitive of Jankiel ??

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<< Is the name Yukele a derivitive of Jankiel >>

==Jankiel is not a Hebrew name. I have never heard of its usage
anywhere--which doesn't prove anything, of course.

==Yankel is a Yiddish form for Ya`akov (Jacob); other Yiddish variations
are Yankele, Koppel, Koppele (and in 19th century Germany, Kopfman or
Kaufman). Yukele *may* be one family's form for Ya`akov--but then, the
variety of petnames is unending.

==Yechi'el is a Hebrew name. It's rendered at times as Chi'el, Cheel.
It is quite possible that it's a pet name >from Yechi'el-le.

==The only alternative that comes to my mind is that it's derived >from the
Hebrew name Yekuti'el.

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