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Don Solomon

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I have been trying to find Barton Street Boston. This is an address I had
for 1905. Apparently it does not exist, so I am wondering if there were
any Barton Streets in any of the old Jewish neighbourhoods which would have
been close to Boston, and perhaps called Boston. I found a Barton Street
in Lowell Mass. Is this a part of Boston?
No, Lowell is a separate city about 40 miles north of Boston. Barton
Street was part of the "Old West End" of Boston where many poor Jews
settled in that period of time. The slums of the West End, along
with most of its streets, were cleared in the 1950s and replaced with
high-rise apartment buildings. If you look at a present-day map of
Boston, the approximate location of Barton Street is halfway between
Massachusetts General Hospital and the Science Museum.

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here is no Barton St on my current Boston map, but you should also try
internet maps as well. Lowell is 30 or so miles north, an important mill
town >from start of the industrial revolution. good luck


Phil Brown
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