Searching for family of Roza BENDES SINGER #general

Georgia Haken <gwhaken@...>

Dear Friends,

Herut Shlomoff in Israel is trying to help Leib Bendes, an 87 year old man
to find his family in the US. His sister Roza BENDES was born 1896 in
Sloboda, Belarus. Her father brought her to NYC in 1914 and then returned
home in order to bring the rest of the family but was unable to. Roza
married Ben SINGER and had 2 daughters. Berta and Gloria.

In a letter >from Roza dated 1969 she was living on Gerard Avenue, Bronx,
near 153rd St. the Bronx. Her husband Ben was listed in the 1948 directory
as having a dry cleaning and tailoring business at the same address. In
1969 there were also two grandchildren, Eli and Shmuel, ages about 15 and
13. If anyone knows of this family, please contact me

Thank you, Georgia Haken