Looking for SIGAL #general

Carlos Glikson

Alex Sigal asks about SIGAL family members in Argentina. A look-up in my
white pages CD gave 168 Sigal phones but a peek in
will give Alex the postal address info to contact Libreria Sigal, a
traditional bookstore in Buenos Aires, and publisher too.

Libreria SIGAL is a referral point for Jewish interest books. Other Buenos
Aires SIGALs would probably buy their books there, and say they are SIGALs

http://www.masuah.org/editoriales.htm has the updated phone numbers. The
official Sigal bookstore website needs updating. Probably the eMail
reported here is "fresher" too.

And Alex .. your family came >from Vinnitza, Ukraine. A Buenos Aires friend
I met when other JewishGenners helped with her trip to her roots is leaving
Vinnitza today via Lviv on her way back to Buenos Aires. She will be in
Buenos Aires in a few days after visiting the family's origins - so maybe
she will have some tips for your research. If you are interested, I´ll ask
her and if it is OK I´ll forward you the contact info privately.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alex S <vil@...>

Hello Genners,

I am looking for any information on the SIGAL family whose members
emmigrated to Argentina, possibly Mexico and United States (New York) from
Vinnitza, Ukraine sometime between 1910 and 1929. Any information would
be greatly appreciated.


Alex Sigal