Family lists for Vilna after 1858 #general

Peter Hills <Pmhills@...>

The last full revision (census) for Vilna took place in 1858. I would
welcome guidance please on the timing and availability of the family lists
from 1858 to 1900 that replaced the revision for Vilna. Are there plans to
include them in the ALD, indeed have they survived? Thank you.

Peter Hills
London UK

VELONSKY Jurbarkas and London
RIMAN/RAYMOND/RAYMAN etc Vilna and London
PRUZ(H)AN Vilna, Seattle and London

Marty <marty@...>

I can't answer Peter's question but have one of my own on the same subject.

How complete was the "last full revision" for Vilna that took place in
Did it all survive?
How much of it in part of the ALD?

I have looked around on the ALD environs and can't seem to find any
discussion of how complete/incomplete the revision lists are or whether or
not they are all on-line.


Marty Meyers