Yiddish-Soviet equivalent of First Names #general


For those who are investigating their roots in Belarussia and Russia
(former Russian Empire or USSR) it would be useful to see Yiddish-Soviet
equivalent for First Names.
This information is based on real experience and memory of dozens of
former soviet citizens who have been through this adaptation.
You are welcome to see result on
under *meanings of the names* link.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Roman Tunkel,
Arlington, MA
Searching for
TUNKEL-TOONKEL (Glussk/Bobruisk/Pinsk)
TSERUCHKIN (Glussk/Bobruisk)
NEMERZEL' (Glussk/Bobruisk) etc.
...see List of Surnames on Web Site...


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Thank you for an excellent source of Meanings of Names and
Hebrew /Yiddish, Soviet Adaptations and Diminutives.

Your web-site is an excellent aid to those of us who pore through
FHL films!

Sylvia Furshman Nusinov
President Emerita - Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., Florida
Recipient of the IAJGS 21st Conference Achievement Award for Programming,
London 2001
Researching: FRUCHT [FURSHMAN] , MELC, DOROGOI - Lithuania: Vilcomir
[Ukmerge], Kovno [Kaunas], Vilna [Vilnius], Moletai. c.
1800-1945;Paris,France; EHRENPREIS - Austria: Lemburg [Lviv, Ukraine];
Sweden; AWNER [AVNER] - Austria: Lemburg [Lviv, Ukraine], England; Israel;
NUSINOV/NOUSSINOV - Russia: Jitomir - Volynia guberniya [Zhitomir, Ukraine]; Buenos Aires, Argentina;

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