Stephen P. Morse's One-Step to the EIDB is no longer #general

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

After sending off two notices to many discussion groups
informing them of the new advances on Steve Morse's One-Step
to the EIDB, I must, unfortunately, announce that the site is no
longer functioning. Personally, this is a great blow to me and my
family research as I have been very successful this past year
finding people that I could never find using the NARA soundex
cards and the EIDB website. In fact, I have had such wonderful
success that I no longer use the EIDB but choose to use the
One-Step website because it enabled me to adjust for the many
spelling choices that I would never think of myself.

It appears that Stephen Morse has been forced by the Ellis Island
Foundation to remove the site. Their short-sightedness will be a great
blow to most of the genealogists around the world. Everyday, Steve was
getting thank you e-mails >from people telling him how wonderful
his site was for finding difficult surnames in which spelling correctly
was impossible, for missing manifests, and towns which were spelt so
many different ways they were almost unrecognizable.

If the Ellis Island Foundation had the foresight to have made their
search engine sensitive to soundex and spelling differences, there
would have been no need for Steve's website. It was Steve's own
frustration with trying to find his own family on the EIDB that led him
to build the website in the first place and, then secondly, give it
to all to use.

It seems to me that if the Ellis Island Foundation had incorporated
Steve's website into their own, they would have had a first class search
engine that would enable genealogy buffs to find many more family

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
Diane Jacobs
New York