Jewish Orphanages in the US Update. #general


Many new additions have been added to my web site, HNOH Welcome-Jewish
Orphanages in the United States at

---On the Federal and State Census Page, census information has been added
for the following orphanages:

1930 Mark Nathan Home Chicago, IL
1930 Chicago Home for Jewish Children - Chicago, IL
1930 Census Orthodox Jewish Orphan Home - Cleveland, OH
1930 Census Jewish Orphan Home--Bellefaire, University Heights, OH
1930 Hebrew Home for Destitute Children- Boston, MA
1930 Census Enumeration Districts for Various Institutions - Bronx &
Manhattan, NY
1920 Hebrew Orphan's Home - Atlanta, GA
1920 Jewish Infant Orphan Home - Cleveland, OH
1920 Jewish Orphan Asylum - Cleveland Ohio
1920 Federal census in the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society - Mount
Pleasant, NY
1900 Chicago Home for Jewish Children - Chicago, IL
1900 Jewish Widows and Orphans Home - New Orleans, LA
1900 Hebrew Orphan Asylum - Baltimore, MD
1900 Jewish Foster Home - Cincinnati, OH

---Jewish Orphanages Page has new information for the cities of:
Baltimore, MD plus (new photo)
Boston, MA (new orphanage)
Brookline, MA (new orphanage)
Chicago, IL plus (new class photo)
San Francisco, CA

---Alumni Reunion Search Page
New searches have been listed. Someone might be looking for you!!!

__Pride of Judea Orphan Home Page has new information added.

---Orphan Archives: Records & Holding Page, free lookups added

---Jewish Genealogy Resources and Other Genealogical Resources Pages,
include new and corrected URLS. Check out over 2500 URLs connecting to
thousands more sites for researching.

Check it out! :o)

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