Emma Lazarus #general

Harold Lewin <harmir@...>

Is anything known of the ancestry of Emma Lazarus, who wrote the poem
engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty?

Harold Lewin - Jerusalem


Replying to Harold Lewin's query, Emma LAZARUS was born in New York City,
NY, on July 22,1849. She was the fourth daughter of Esther (NATHAN) and
Moses LAZARUS, a prosperous sugar refiner of Sephardic descent. In 1885,
she traveled to Europe with her sisters after their father died. She died
of cancer in New York City on November 19, 1887. Her sisters were Mary,
Annie, and Josephine.

Another quote >from Emma Lazarus's writings, *Until we are all free, we are
none of us free.*


Henriette Moed Roth
Los Angeles, California

BetteJoy <bettejoy@...>

Betty Roth Young, published a book about the life of Emma Lazarus, several
years ago. I believe it was published by the Jewish Publication Society.

Betty Provizer Starkman
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Emma Lazarus (1849-1887) was one of seven children. She died of cancer at
age 38.

There are numerous sites (many thousands) which can be accessed via any
search engine regarding Emma Lazarus. One such is:
http://www.jwa.org/exhibits/lazarus/el1.htm. This provides information on
various segments of Lararus' life including her childhood and background.

Her family can also be found in Rabbi Malcolm Stern's book regarding early
American Jewish families. Her ancestors included one of the twenty-three
Jews who settled in New Amsterdam, later New York, in 1654.

In addition, there are numerous books that have been written about Emma's
life and her poetry. All references to these can be, of course, accessed
through the Internet, or any public library including those who have on-
line capabilities.

Ann Rabinowitz