Looking for REINHOLD #general


This is the most intriguing and, so far, unsuccessful search I've
ever made. For years I have been trying to contact Heinrich (Yechiel)
REINHOLD. He was a veteran of the Jewish Brigade and the Palestine
Regiment (Jewish Battalion), relocated to England >from Israel in the
early 1940s, worked for British intelligence and then completely changed
his name. After the name change the trail ran cold. However, recently I
came across a treasure trove of letters he received >from friends during
the period of the British Mandate.
I'm hoping to communicate privately with some of these people and
hopefully get some fresh leads. Some details of the person I'm looking
Heinrich Reinhold (rank was sergeant and serial number 38454; D
company and A Company, 3rd Battalion, Jewish Brigade; ). Lived in Haifa
and Jerusalem during 1940s.

Names of friends he corresponded with during 1940s:
David, Rosa and Berta SCHACHTER - Havana,Cuba
Paul (Pinchas), Seymour and Shirley GOODMAN (GUTTMAN) -
Chicago, Ill
Fridle SILBERMAN - New York City
Pepi HEINEMAN - Lerum, Sweden
Hadassa Dora STERN - >from Italy, Israel, and Geneva
Anna STRADLA - Italy (??)
Daisy MAYO - Den Hagg, the Netherlands
Frida and Moric GUTTMAN - Vyrava Okres-Medzlaborce, Checkoslovakia
Max WEISEN - Paris, France
Batia GURIATCHIKOV - unknown location
Dickey FLEURBAAY - Aat Landwher, Leiden, the Netherlands.
Yitzchak (Arnost ) BLOCK - unknown location
Elly van DANTZIG - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Yitzchak FINKLESTEIN - Haifa, Israel
Chava LEVIN - Tel-Aviv, Israel
Chana VELL - Kfar Yehoshua, Israel

Would appreciate hearing >from any of the people above or anyone else
who might be able to assist me in my search.
Please respond privately to Evaberlin@...
Thank you all.
Eva Berlin