Origin of ULLMAN/ULMAN Family. #general

Steve Gaffin <batgalim@...>

I have an ULMAN line in my family of GRACE PELLETZ JAFFE/JOFFE that came
from Lithuania in the shtetlach of Kamajai/Rokiskis/Kopiskis. But I
agree that Ulman originated as a family claiming origin in Ulm, Germany.

Steve Gaffin
Framingham MA

Kamajai, Rokiskis, Kopiskis, Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga

Peter Zavon wrote:

FWIW, there are burials in Ullman Aide Society plots that predate WWI,
so if there were a connection it would be to a place in Galicia or the
Austrian Empire.
My impression is that the Ullman Aide Society was *not* connected with
any particular town.
If you want to proceed on the assumption that the Ullman Aide Society
was connected to some specific part of Galicia, it might help to know that
my relatives buried in the Ullman Sections of Beth David and elsewhere
were >from eastern Galicia (now Ukraine) >from Tysmenitsa and places near
Spouses >from more distant towns in the same region are also buried
"Victoria Reed" <the5reeds@...> wrote:

Hi Genners,

I am researching for a friend, and some of his COHEN
family is buried at Beth David, in the Adolf Ullman
Aid Society plot area (Section G, Block 8).

My question is, does anyone know whether this society
was associated with any particular town in Poland?

We are trying to figure out what his ancestral shtetl
was as my friend is going to Poland in June (ha ha,
with the name Cohen we're going to need divine help!).

Also, if anyone out there is related to the Cohens of
a big Brooklyn umbrella factory, founded by Max and
Lena Cohen, please let me know.

Victoria Reed

Todd Warnick

Hello. I have a Joffe family member in my family - I believe her name was Berta and she married a great uncle, Movsa Muler. The couple and their 2 children were murdered in Kopiskis in July, 1941. As to other Joffe family members, I think there were Jaffee's that emigrated with other people from Kopiskis (and Skopiskis) to Bellingham, WA. You might want to check on that. Best regards, Todd