ISRAELOVICI, ISRAILOVICI from Braila or Galatz, Romania. #general


I noticed on the Marriage License of My Great Grandmother today that there
was a cousin that signed as a witness at the wedding in Braila, Romania by
the name of Lupu ISRAELOVICI. Lupu is translated to Wolf or sometimes
Velvel, Welwel or Zev or Even William in our family.

Does anyone know of an Israilovici family in Braila, or Galatz (Galati)

Philip Leonard

SOMMER >from Focsoni,Romnain or Braila, Romania. Also London, Texas, San
Francisco, CA
WIND >from Braila, Romania, Bobrka Galicia. or anywhere around Lvov (Lwow)
(Lemberg), Galicia.
ROSEN >from Iasi,Romania,New York,Cleveland,OH,or Philadelphia,Camden Area.
LEVEY, LEVY >from London,England,Cleveland, OH,Kiev, Ukraine. or Bialystok

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Cristina Ichim <ichim.cristina17@...>

I have found the se with the name Israelovici from Romania, I do not know if it has something to do with your search...

Cristina Ichim