Naturalization for a Child #general

Sam Schleman <samara99@...>

Hello Genners:

My Grandfather came to the US in 1887, leaving behind a pregnant wife.
Approximately a year later, after having the baby, my Grandmother came to
the US, in 1888, with the child. My Grandfather became a naturalized
citizen in 1892.

As I understand it, when he became a citizen, so did my Grandmother,
automatically. Evidentally, so did the child. In the 1920 census he was
recorded as born in 1887, came to the US in 1888, and naturalized in 1892.

My question is whether there would be any naturalization record for the
child? I assume he would have been too young to sign and execute
naturalization papers, but would there be any record, any paperwork of his
becoming a citizen? If he applied for a passport as an adult, how would he
establish proof of citizenship?

Thanks as always for the help.

Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA