Mystery of REINHOLD #general


Here's a modern day mystery about a relative I would love to solve.
It involves my search for Yechiel (Heini) REINHOLD. He was a Jewish
pioneer in Palestine, served in the Jewish Brigade, funneled weapons to
the Jewish underground, and played a key role in the bombing of the King
David Hotel in July 1946. I would like to reach him or his immediate
family before time takes its toll on all of us. The problem is REINHOLD
disappeared in the late 1940s when he relocated to the UK, completely
changed his name---and joined British intelligence. (It's a complicated
story to be sure...MI-5 refuses to open up this file even after all these
It is my belief he started a new life in the 1950s in either
Australia, Canada or South Africa, Ireland or Scotland--- in that order.
Would be grateful for any post-WW II leads on his whereabouts.
Please respond privately. Many thanks.
Eva Berlin