Procedures concerning the Naturalization Process #general

Cindy Gallard <cmgcmg@...>

Can anyone tell me if a second Declaration of Intention needs to
be filed if the first Declaration of Intention is filed, but for whatever
reason, is not followed by a Petition for Naturalization? Is there a
proscribed time in which the Petition of Naturalization must be filed
after the Declaration of Intention?
I have two Declaration of Intentions filed in the same court by
the same person, one in 1908 and the other in 1918. Citizenship was
granted in 1923. Thank you.

Cindy Gallard
Denver, Co.


<< Procedures concerning the Naturalization Process >>

The PETITION for naturalization must be filed two to seven years after
the Declaration of Intent was filed. If not filed within the seven years,
it is invalid and a new Declaration must be filed.

Al Luftman Natick, MA