Head of Household #general

Joel Weintraub <jweintraub@...>

A question was raised about "Head of Household" for the 1910 census. I
checked the 1910 census enumerator instructions at:
and could not find specific instructions as to which family member was
picked as the "Head" of the family. Perhaps the one that paid the rent?
...but I've seen strange things on the census sheets including a designated
"Head" of family of a list of 18 bodies in a morgue (1920, San Francisco,
ED 258 Sheet 2B). Why the enumerator listed these people whose residence
when they were alive on Census Date (January 1) was obviously not the
morgue (and many of the 18 had already been buried by the enumeration date
of Jan. 5 and some were counted in other EDs) is unclear. Perhaps an
example like dead people voting but in this case providing a basis for
federal representation and funds. Joel Weintraub, Dana Point, CA.