The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS) in Denver Colo. #general

Bernard Kouchel <koosh@...>

I did research on JCRS many years ago. The 'Jewish Consumptive Relief
Society Home' was known later as the 'American Medical Center'. The children
of many of those at the JCRS entered the 'Jewish Sheltering Home'.

Records might be found at the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society.
Bernard Kouchel

The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS) was founded in Denver,
Colorado in 1904 as a non-sectarian sanatorium to treat tuberculosis
(TB) patients. Many people died or were treated at the JCRS..Does
anyone have a list? or is there a list? Looking for death Cert for
Jacob KELLER DOD 2/26/1940
Richard W. McDonald


After 1954, when Tuberculosis came under control, the name changed to AMC
Cancer Research Center... Address: 1600 Pierce St. Denver, CO 80214. First
center involved in Research in the Prevention of Cancer and other Catastophic
diseases.. Celebrating its' 100th Anniversary this year!
Mickey Snitzer Izsak