Genealogy class online - Jewish Internet Research #general

Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

Have you tried to access relevant online sources for your Jewish genealogy
research questions?
Would you like to understand how search engines work and how best to
formulate searches to get the results you need and want?
Do you want to know what is out there and how to access it?
Would you like to become a more efficient online researcher?

Genners who answer "yes" to these questions may be interested in a four-week
Jewish Internet Research course, with instructors Micha Reisel and Schelly
Talalay Dardashti, beginning August 4, on
The class provides eight lessons, uploaded two each week, two weekly online
chats for students and instructors to interact, and free access to Ancestry
databases during the class. Class is fee-based.
Students already registered are based in the Canary Islands, Europe, America
and elsewhere.

In May, the initial course, Beginning Jewish Genealogy, also involved
students >from around the world (Australia, Austria, UK, France, US etc. We
were happy to meet some of our online students in person at the Jerusalem

"Beginning Jewish Genealogy" will be repeated beginning October 7.

For complete information on the Jewish Internet Research class, click on or go to, scroll down on the right
side to genealogy courses.

Micha Reisel

Schelly Talalay Dardashti