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Daniel Teichman <daniel.teichman@...>

Looks like "Stenographie", which is a system of German short-writing. I did
learn it in school, but unfortunately can't remember anymore how to read it.
If you don't receive any answers as to what the text says, please let me
know and I'll try to find someone who can read it.

Best regards

Daniel Teichman
Zurich, Switzerland

Irene Newhouse <einew@...>

I have posted ViewMate 4600; go to to view.

It's the inscription in a book my late grandfather, Alfred Schueler, owned.
He was old enough in 1909 to have been the original recipient of the book,
in which case the dedication would have been to him. I originally thought
it must be Hebrew, but even before I've found the time to post, an alert
Jewishgenner has let me know it's not. My grandfather also knew Greek &
Latin in addition to his native German. It's not any German script I
recognize & I can read the gotisch/Suetterlin script. My grandfather did
*not* know Yiddish. It is also possible that he inherited the book >from his
uncle, Rabbi Dr. Marcus Brann, in which case the scope for a dead language
becomes wider, Dr. Brann having been professor at the Jewish Theological
Seminary in Breslau/Wroclaw, or >from his brother-in-law, Rabbi Dr. Georg
Wilde, whose language proficiency was most likely between that of my
grandfather & Dr. Brann. OR he could have obtained it used, in which case
the sky's pretty much the limit.

I'd be grateful to have this little mystery unravelled!

Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI 96753

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