Pictures from the 2004 IAJGS conference #general

Ruth <drwho70@...>

I agree with Sylvia Nusinov's request for the names to match the
photos included at

I have never been able to attend any of the conferences and probably never
will unless it were to be held in the Scarborough area of Maine. As Sylvia
has already said, it would be so satisfying to put a face to the names of
the people who have helped us over these many years at JewishGen.

Thanks to all of you.
Ruth Grant, Scarborough, Maine

B'RAM/BARAM/BAR-AM>> Labun, Ukraine> Haifa
variation)>> Labun and/or Starokonstantinov, Ukraine, & possibly Poland;
SMULOWITZ/SHMULOVICH>> Novo-Aleksandrovsk, Lithuania;
MINSTER/MINSTERIS>>Plunge, Lithuania > Canada & USA

<possible to give us the identity of individual persons in the
<photos, in the same order as they are shown in the pictures of speakers and
<smaller groups?