Ship Statendam, 1900 -- Unusual Information #general

m leonards <m_leonards@...>

Marilyn Feingold wrote that she was having difficulty accessing the "second
page" of the manifest for the Statendam that arrived on 2 August 1900. My
first reaction was that 1900 manifests were only one page; the second page
was not used unitl 1907/1908.

But I thought I should look at the manifest first. Well, this is one of
those cases where the link is to the wrong manifest--one gets the Noordam,
rather than the Statendam. So, I used Steve Morse' "missing manifest"

The manifest for the August 1900 arrival of the Statendam is very messed up.
But it contains some additional information that I have never seen before.

To find the page with Itzig and Naftuli MILGRAM, go to the "missing
manifests" page, and display Series T-715, Roll 143, Frame 367. You will
find that the brothers (lines 7 and 8) were going to their aunt in
Philadelphia, although the person listed is their uncle, A. WEITZMANN, at
518 3rd Street in that city. [Just as an aside, Marilyn will have to
discover whether that's N. or S. 3rd Street.]

But now, move to the next frame of the manifest (+1). This is the same
page, although the top is missing.

Now, advance another frame (+1). Here we find the usual attestation about
the veracity of the manifest. But there is also something else! The
Holland-America Line apparently collected additional information about its
passengers that was not required by the American manifest form.

This Holland-America form contains columns for: Color; Nativity, with
subcolumns for Country and Province; Mother Tongue (Language or Dialect);
Subject of What Country; and Religion. The nativity column may be useful,
even though it didn't include the town. In 1900 the US manifest only asked
where the immigrant last resided, which might have been nowhere near where
s/he was born.

For "Mother Tongue", Jews seem to have spoken "UJ" or "HJ". "HJ" meant
"Hebrew Jargon". Does anyone know what "UJ" stood for? Their religion is
"Isrl" for Israelite, or some variant.

Itzig and Naftuli MILGRAM were born in Podolsk Province of Russia, and spoke

Has anyone seen this form on any other Holland-America ship manifests? Or
for any other lines?

Monica Leonards