REINHOLD and British Intelligence #general


In your case I would take a different, more public approach. Your story
sounds like stuff that Newspapers and TV love. I don't know what the
biggest newspaper is in England or the major TV station. Talk to them
on doing a news story about you and your family and your search for your
brother. Reporters love this stuff. Intrigue, human interest, lost
person, person against big government. Sounds like a feature length
movie to me! Your brother may see the story and get in touch with
you. Good luck,

I just forwraded this message by email to the Editor of the Jewish

Josh Backon

Angie Elfassi


Perhaps, you should look upon this in the same way
like an adoption - a bioogical parent who has given up
his child for adoption. I do understand the enormous
difference, but this is merely for comparison's sake.

As we all know, a biological parent is not allowed to
contact his/her child. Only the child may contact the
parent after the age of 18.

If you were to give British intelligence your personal
details, including some special detail that would be
pertinent to only you and your brother - a summer
holiday place, a favourite toy - give them this
information. They might, after contacting your
brother, then have confirmation of your true identity.
They are protecting him for whatever reason, and
this, at the end of the day, is surely your desire too
- that he be protected.

I would *again* point out to them both your ages and
remind them, that time is of the essence.

Good luck and perhaps you would be kind enough to
update us on any eventual meeting.

Angie Elfassi

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