Reinhold/British Intell.--Thank You! #general


In the last few days I have received many wonderful suggestions on how
to proceed in my seach for my brother. I am so very gratefull to all of you
who took the time to write back. My son and I have looked over your responses
would like to make a few comments. (He has been of immense help to me in this
project--even spending several days at the public records office (PRO) in Kew
outside London.)
First, some of you have suggested we carry out our seach in the Jewish
Chronicle. In fact, we have. Ads were placed in 2000 or 2001, but there was
no response.
Second, many have suggested we conduct a far more public campaign in
the Uk and elsewhere by using the press. The temptation to "go public" is
great. But we are reluctant to do so because it can also be counterproductive.
If my brother was given a new identity by British intelligence, it was to protect
him and, presumably, the family he since had. I do not want to put any of
them in jeapordy with a full-blown public campaign. I think it is better to be
more discreet for the time being.
Third, in my corrrespondence with MI-5 (MI-6 deferred all questions to
MI-5), I specifically told them that I do *not need* to know his new identity or
his address. I merely want someone >from that office to act as a third-party
and contact my brother to let him know his sister is sill alive and very much
wants to hear >from him again after more than five decades. MI-5 responded in
our last letter that my brother *left* the UK (in 1948) for another country
which they would not name, but hinted it was within the British Commonwealth. My
son's research narrowed it down to Australia, South Africa or Canada---in that
order of probability. MI-5 proceeded to get in touch with that country's
intelligence office to see if they still have records of my brother.
Unfortunately, that other country could not locate his records any longer. (This
seemed a bit strange to us.)
So that is where matters stand today.
I will write to some public British officials as few of you have
suggested (PM Blair, the chief Rabbi of London, and etc) and will continue to
stay in touch with all of you.
Again, my deepest thanks to all for your help.

Eva Berlin