Contacting Israeli Relatives #general

Rochelle Gershenow

I have been told that some of my Argentinian relatives emigrated >from Argentina to
Israel. I am searching for descendants of Jacobo PURINZON, originally >from Russia
who emigrated to Argentina in the late 1800s or early 1900s, and his children.
His children were Salomon, Samuel, Adelina, Jose, Mauricio, and Bernardo. I am
the granddaughter of Jacobo's brother Morris who emigrated >from Argentina to the
United States in 1910.

Thanks to Steve Morse's website re: Israeli phone book, I have been able to
identify possible relatives in Israel. The people I have identified are Roni
Porinzin; Mrih or Vinsnt Prntzn; Sidni Prntzin; Kosks, Aimrmn, or Brmn Prnsin; and
Vdim, Zinovi, Yeori, Aigor, Yevgnih Porinson. They are in the following cities
(as taken >from the phone book): Ailt, Jerusalem, Ailit, Hdrh., Hgnoz, Aish,
Ltzion, Tel Aviv, Rashon, Bat Sheba. If anyone knows these people, would you
please contact them for me, as I neither speak Hebrew or Spanish, and ask them to
contact me personally by email at rpgersh@... if they are the people I am

Rochelle P. Gershenow
Potomac, MD