BELMAS Family #general

Dajana Grujic <dajanagrujic@...>

Dear Friends,
My name is Dajana Grujic and I have recently joined Jewish Geneology in order to
try and find my paternal grandmother's family. I do not have much information and
I am not even sure if the spelling of the family name is BELMAS.
Her name was Anka Belmas and she was born in Poland in 1925. That part of Poland,
apparently, became a part of either Belarus or Ukraine, after the WWII.
My grandmother was 14 when she was separated >from her family and taken to forced
labour camp in Germany. At some point, she met my Serbian grandfather and after
being liberated they came back to Serbia together. They had my father in 1945. and
my uncle in 1948.
Five years into their marriage my grandfather died and it was around that time
that she tried to find if there were any survivorsof her family, but without any
She rarely talked about her Jewish haritage, family or past, so my father and
uncle could not learn about it.
She died in 1984 (I was 9 years old) and with that, it seemed, every chance of
finding her family died too.
It was or a while now that I was preparing to start searching for them myself - so
this is my first attempt.
I would greatly appreciate if any of you could help me either with some
information or an advice.
Thank you in advance.
Dajana Grujic-Smith, London
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