Looking for Harris BLANK or Isaac ROSENSWEIG? #general

Rachel Unkefer <runkefer@...>

For no good reason other than websurfing in order to procrastinate, I
found myself at this page:


It is a listing of executions in the state of Pennsylvania >from the
1600s to 1962.

I ran across these two names together and figured that somebody
somewhere might be looking for these two guys. They were purported to
be >from Wyoming. You never know where someone might turn up! If you
lose track of somebody, consider the possilbility they ran afoul of
the law somewhere else.

BLANK, Harris/28/White/Male/Peddler/Murder-Robbery/Hanging/May 18,1893/Wyoming
ROSENWEIG, Isaac/27/White/Male/Peddler/Murder-Robbey/Hanging/May 18,1893/Wyoming

Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

Rachel Unkefer wrote about Harris BLANK and Isaac ROSENSWEIG, who
appeared in a list of Pennsylvania executions, and remarked that they
are listed as coming >from Wyoming.

This almost certainly refers not to the state of Wyoming, but to
Wyoming County, which is in eastern Pennsylvania, near Scranton.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA