Ellis Island -- Missing Voyage? #general

Dubin, David M. MD

After a long wait I recently got my grandfather's "first papers" listing his
arrival on the ship "Vaderland" on August 4 (boarding? in Antwerp) or August 10
(disembarking? in New York), 1908. however, his name does not appear on the Ellis
Island website, yet the Vaderland manifest >from August 31, 1908 is on the website.
(No, my grandfather with the unfortunately common name of Isidore KATZ, born 1889
in Pultusk, Poland, does not appear in the index at all.)

1- is it possible that the Vaderland made 2 crossings in one month?
2- is it possible that the manifest >from one voyage is not listed on the website,
yet the next, a few weeks later, appears?
3- if the answers to both 1 & 2 are "yes," how might i find the manifest, thereby
finding his mother's info (they came together according to family lore)?

Thank you all.

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

researching: LINK, GESTETNER, KATZ (Pultusk, Poland), WEISSTUCH, HALPERN
(Vladimir Volynski, Ukraine), & more

Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

First, don't give up on the Passenger lists, just don't place all your hopes in
the on-line index. The volunteers who extracted data for the on-line index did
their best but it has become very clear that many of them were completely
unfamiliar with handwriting styles of the period, as well as with the surnames and
place names of central and eastern Europe. The result is a database that includes
many mis-read entries along with the huge amount of correctly read transcriptions.

So go to the microfilms of the passenger lists themselves and look through the
list for the Vaderland's arrivals in New York in August 1908.

The Morton Allan Directory lists the Vaderland, a vessel of the Red Star Line,
arriving in NY on 3 August 1908 >from Antwerp. It also arrived on 31 August and
again on 28 September. So it seems to have been on a routine service with a
round-trip time of around 30 days.

The Branch Archive of the National Archives (on Varrick Street in Manhattan)will
have copies of the microfilms. As you are in Teaneck, not far >from Manhattan, I
suggest you see if you can get in there to look at the microfilm images. That is
often easier than trying to navigate the images on the Ellis Island site.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

Joel Weintraub <jweintraub@...>

I get JewishGen on digest, so don't know if others have responded to David Dubin's
unsuccessful attempt to find someone on the Ellis Island Manifests. My experience
is that successful researchers learn to relax assumptions, and by doing so don't
get zero results (no names), but a suite of possibilities. I'm hoping that the
meetings in Las Vegas this July will have a place where experienced researchers
can help others break through brick walls.... a room with computers and access to
subscription services and the Internet?

As to the specific problem... one Isidore KATZ born 1889 and arriving on the
Vaderland on August 4, or 10th, 1908.... home town Pultask, Poland (information
from citizenship papers) and said to be with his mother. The poster couldn't find
the person on the Ellis Island site, and hypothesized a missing manifest.

So...first I went to Steve Morse's One Step site, and looked for any Isidore, no
last name, on the Vaderland >from 1906 to 1910. It's my experience that the ship
name is usually correct on Petitions or Declarations of Citizenship although the
arrival date may be off. No luck...no people, nothing to choose from. OK....try
another strategy. Any person whose first initial is "I" and last initial is "K"
arriving on the Vaderland during that time. This time there were a number of
possibilities....and one jumped out of the group. One Igebok KAZ age 22 (not 19)
arrived on the Vaderland on August 3rd 1908. He is >from Pultuk, Russia and is
travelling with his mother, age 40, whose name is Irene (actual manifest it could
be something else). Hmmmmm.... could this be the target person(s)?

So keep an open mind, and try not to be too specific when doing these types of

Joel Weintraub