Locating unknown grave in Israel #general

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

I have a few relatives whose places of burial (in Israel) are not known.
Any ideas on how to locate their graves?

I prefer to email.... phone is too expensive... (and, well, I am a
procrastinator when it comes to writing a real letter!)

They are:

Moritz POHYRLLES (name used in US)
(Usually written: POHORILE)
b. 10 May 1891 in Buczacz,
Lived NYC during and after WW2
Made Aliyah abt 1980, I think.
In 1984 he was living at Hotel Hamavri; Rupin St.; Kfar Saba
d. in the spring of 1986.

David (Andermann) ELDAN
b 12 Feb 1911 in Vienna
d. 1989
Photographer; PR-press officer for Israel govt.
Lived in Givatayim

Members of the PHILLIPSBORN family:

b 09 Mar 1956 - d 26 March 1980
He is buried in the "civilian" cemetery in Haifa as per

his mother
Herta PHILLIPSBORN(Mina?) bat Chaim
b. abt 1921 - d. march 1980

his father
b abt 1915, Stettin, Ger - d abt 1963

Barbara S. Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

Mathilde Tagger <tagger@...>

Hi Barbara,

You are looking for the location of various graves in some Israeli localities.

You should write to the Burial Society of teach locality and ask them for help.
A table of all the Burial Societies (Hevra kadisha) in Israel can be found on the
website of the Israel Genealogical Society at:

The list is alphabetically arranged by locality.

They do not have any mail nor any fax. So, I suggest you write in a very easy
language (generally speaking their English is poor), give all the details you have
for each deceased person, and send the letters by snail mail.

Mathilde Tagger
The Israel Genealogical Society

Nachum Tuchman


Using the 'new found' Haifa burial data base I have found 5 people with the name

The headings are: cemetary (1 or 2, I don't know which specific cemetery is
referred to), section, area, row, grave #, father's name and date of death, in
European format (day/month/year).

Alexander Heinitz (Heinz?) - 1, 'hey' (5), 'aleph' (1), 72, 42, Max, 29/3/63
Hans Joseph - 2, 'tzadik' (18?), 'hey' (5), 9, 62, Hugo, 24/9/90
Esther Mariana - 2, 'tzadik', 'hey' 21, 64, Max, 16/1/83
Daniel - 2, 16, 'bet' (2), 2, 12, Heinz, 26/3/80
Herta - 2, 16, 'bet', 2, 11, Chaim, 25/3/80

On 7/11/05, Barbara Mannlein <> wrote:

I have a few relatives whose places of burial (in Israel) are not known.
Any ideas on how to locate their graves?
Members of the PHILLIPSBORN family:
TUCHMAN / KLARMAN / ASPIS - Busko-Zdroj Poland, Kielce Gubernia
LIEBERMAN / ZYSSMAN - Lowicz Poland =20
RAIDER / REJDER / GINSBERG - Soly/Smorgon Belarus
KIWI - Samter, Posen/Berlin BUETOW - Zeitz/Berlin