Castle Garden Era Immigration to Other U.S. Ports #general

Harry Dodsworth <af877@...>

Steve Gold (Plutsk@...) asked (summary) which ports were used
besides New York in the 1875 - 1890 period.

Unfortunately he didn't mention where his ancestors settled. If it was
Detroit (Steve's location), Boston is probably the most likely U. S. port.
However around half of the immigrants to Chicago and Mid West states,
including Detroit, arrived through Quebec or another Canadian port.
Quebec arrival passenger lists >from 1865 are available on microfilm;
however they are not indexed and not all are legible. Also a few ships
sailed directly to Montreal and those lists are lost.

Harry Dodsworth Ottawa Ontario Canada


I have searched diligently but fruitlessly for my KURTZMAN and GOLD
ancestors in the Castle Garden lists, both the version Steve Morse has made so
accessible and the one Gary Mokotoff has just discussed in Nu? What's New?

My GOLDs got to the U.S. not earlier than 1882 and not later than 1885. My
KURTZMANs got here before 1877, but not I imagine before 1872. Both families
were >from Poland, probably the Plock area. My questions are first, if they
didn't arrive at Castle Garden, what port or ports is/are the most likely
candidates for immigrants of that origin and era; and second, what indices or
other finding aids exist for pre-1890 immigration lists for those ports?
Thanks very much for any suggestions!

Steve Gold
Detroit area (Huntington Woods)
ADLER, FELD, OFFENBERG >from Krakowiec, Austria (now Krakovec, Ukraine;
CHERNOV, LEVANT, LIWENTOW >from Mogilev, Russia (now Mahilyow, Belarus);
COHEN, GOLD, KURTZMAN, >from Plock, Poland;
GELB, HUTT, STARK, WECKER >from Lemberg, Austria (now L'viv, Ukraine)