RITZEN (REISEN?) of Kryzhopol, Ukraine and Minneapolis #general

Miriam and Joe Bernhardt <miriam_b@...>

I would like to get more info about the family of my mother, Sarah
RITZEN EZEKIEL. Her father Isaac Ritzen (Isek REISEN) came in at Galveston
in 1913. My mother, her mother, Pearl Ritzen, and her brother David Ritzen
came on the last boat out of Hamburg before the start of WWI. (Actually my
mother told us that they had to close the shades on the windows of the
train, so that they wouldn't see the Gernan troops being mobilized.) I
haven't been able to locate their port of arrival.
Anyway, they ended up in Minneapolis.
I have indeed searched a bunch of files.
Thanks for any help
Miriam Ezekiel Bernhardt
Moshav Neve Ilan, Israel