KANTOROVITZ and/or SCHATZ descendants of the Gaon of Vilna #general

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I recently posted a message regarding a supposed link to the family of Reb'
Chaim of Volozhin. I mentioned there that we have a rather superficial and
questionable family tradition of a family link to the Gaon of Vilna which I
would like to check.

I should say that I've perused Chaim Friedman's "Eliayahu's Branches" and
have corresponded with him.

In the same very skimpy family chart which I mentioned previously there is
scribbled a link to the Gaon through my KANTOR(OVITZ) lineage. And from
another side but on the same chart appears the name SCHATZ.

Interestingly, both names appear as descendants of the Gaon but both names
are pretty common since again by strange coincidence they mean Cantor or
Shaliach Tzibur. As to the KANTOR side we are not sure if it is KANTOR or
KANTOROVITZ (as appear in Friedman's book). Two sibbling of previous
generations have documents each written differently.

As to SCHATZ we know that my ggggrandfather YOSEPH was a Chazan (cantor) in
Pinsk but we are not sure if this was his family name also or just his
profession and that we never had his real family name-if he had one
(beginning 19th cent. in Pinsk).
His daughter (my gggrandmother was Sarah Hinde).

Our KANTOR(OVITZ) ancestors are >from Slonim. My ggggrandfather was SHLOMO
ben ELIEZER (possibly a Rosh Yeshiva in Karlin)(and RACHEL) ben YAACOV MOSHE
I've explored this line before in this group and received replies that
there were two lineages in Slonim with the same names of fathers and sons so
that there could be a mistake on our family chart presuming that we were
from the Gaon.
Shana Tova, Ktiva ve'chatima tova to all. May we all be blessed with a
Happy and Healthy New Year.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel