Unique one family surname: HIMMELHOCH #general

Martha LEV-ZION <martha@...>

I am very fortunate in having the name HIM[M]ELHOCH as a one family
name. The family originated in Courland, now Latvia. Alexander Beider
wrote in his Dictionary of Jewish Family Names in the Russian Empire
that HIMMELHOCH was a "common name in Courland". How true!! The
family took to heart the command to "be fruitful and multiply" and
liberally populated Courland with HIMMELHOCHs! But all can be traced
back to the same source. It seems that all modern offspring were
told that if they ever find a HIM[M]ELHOCH in the phone book when
they are in a strange town, they should feel free to call because we
are all cousins. At least this is one family story that panned out
with research!

Channukah sameach!!

Martha Lev-Zion