Sharsheret Hadorot, February 2006 #general


The February 2006 issue of Sharsheret Hadorot, the Journal of the Israel
Genealogical Society, just appeared, containing the following articles:

The Rossi, De Rossi Family >from Jerusalem to Rome and >from Rome via a Long
Trip to Eretz Yisrael, by Leah Artom

Gelles of Brody and some Fraenkel - Horowitz Connections, by Edward Gelles

Casa Shalom -The Institute for Marrano-Anusim Studies Gan Yavneh Israel, by
Gloria Mound

Family Names in Israel by Chanan Rapaport

Belfer Family Reunion An Example of Jewish Identification, by Harriet Kasow

Report of the Activities of the Sephardim-SIG of the Israel Genealogical
Society for 2004-2005, by Mathidle Tagger, Coordinator of Sephardim SIG

The Genealogical Holdings of the Jewish National and University Library, A
Visit to the Library, by Gilda Kurtzman and Susan Edel

South African Center for Jewish Migration and Genealogy Studies, by Beryl

The "Arolsen Files" as a Research Source, by Sherry Kisos

The Granddaughter Who Came on Aliyah with Her Grandmother, by Yehuda

Thank you and best wishes, Yocheved

Yocheved Klausner, Editor
Sharsheret Hadorot (bilingual: Hebrew and English)
Israel Genealogical Society (IGS)

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