Computer program for family photos #general

Howard Nightingale

I am beginning to collect family photos to be stored on a computer disk. I
need a recommendation of a robust programme which will allow me to scan the
pictures in and keep separate files for different families and family
members. My hope is to share these with the rest of the family some day.

Howard Nightingale
Toronto, Canada
Co-ordinator for Siedlezcka Cemetery Restoration Project

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Big Al <asilberf@...>

I use PowerPoint and have created a slide show of 195 photographs and
family documents with descriptions of each photo and document.

alfred m. silberfeld
Founder, President Emeritus ,and Life Member
Jewish Genealogical Society
of Palm Beach County Inc.
Delray Beach, Florida

Jake Goldstein

At 09:55 AM 2/25/2006 Tom Venetianer wrote:
You will find several such programs - freewares, sharewares and commercial
products - at:

MacOS 8-9:
MacOS X:
You may want to add Picasa, a free download >from Google:

At this time, it is only available for Windows-XP.

Jake Goldstein