Blocking Replies to Your Jewishgen Postings #general


I just spent about 15 minutes writing a reply to a researcher who posted queries
about Skala and Trembovla, only to have my message blocked by a spam protector
that required me to fill out a form (which I declined to do).

We all are annoyed by Spam and junk-mail, but it is equally annoying to have to
go through hoops when you are trying to help a stranger.

If you are going to post queries on jewishgen email lists, have the grace not to
inconvenience people who take the time to respond to your questions by blocking
their messages.

People concerned about Spam and junk mail might consider opening a separate email
account with hotmail or its ilk for these messages.

Helene Kenvin

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

I am another writer who is irked when a reply to some question is blocked by
a Spam protector. Why would I go to the trouble of filling out an online
form, just to be able to help someone? There are many alternative
spam-blocking techniques, so this one is not the only way to do it.

It is even worse, sometime. I got that message after I changed my ISP, but
the contact message had 'expired' and would not let me fill out the form, so
I can no longer email a cousin. I wrote to the ISP and got no help.
Perhaps she is reading this.

Sally Bruckheimer
Bridgewater, NJ

MODERATOR NOTE: This topic has been explored here recently, but we
are posting in the hope that Sally's cousin will see this and help
out. Good luck!