Volyhna Russia/Ukraine #general

david wallace <dwphoto@...>

The Shtetl of Volyhma Russia/ Ukraine.

I have just received a copy of my great grandfathers British Naturalisation
It says he was born in 1880 at a place called Volyhma or Volynma in Russia.
The Shtetl should be somewhere close to Kiev in Ukraine, but I can't find it
in Jewish Gen Shtetl Seeker or any where else on the Internet.
Can any help locate it.
David Wallace

Jane Rosen Berenbeim

Volhynia was the name of a gubernia (province) in the Russian Empire,
west and a little north of Kiev gubernia (in which the city of Kiev was
located). It was not uncommon, I think, for people to list the region
rather than town as place of origin.

Jane Rosen Berenbeim
New York City